When I have conferences with my customers, I generally attempt to leave their partners from it. This episode is a prime example why. The young couple called Debt Dandy to solve their monetary issue. They were meant to go on holidays very soon but the boy invested a lot of their money. They required 25 000 very quickly. The woman […]

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This boy seemed like a little whelp on the phone. He maintained blabbing something concerning renovating his apartment or condo. I didn’t wish to most likely to another shithole however I felt truly horny today. I gave the boy a possibility. It was among the very best choices I did this month. The boy was a bit shy yet definitely […]

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debt dandy

Trainees do not have an easy life. This young person studied to be a male nurse. I believed it was a bit strange career selection for a boy however whatever. As he said, university isn’t really low-cost so he spent a lot of cash to come to be a correct hipster trainee. He acquired a laptop computer, some elegant books […]

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Debt dandy

These 2 boys wanted to obtain loan for a wonderful vacation. I really did not recognize why they asked me for assistance. They were certainly doing rather well and also there are plenty legit lending companies to obtain from. I noticed something dubious was going on. I was right, things began getting fascinating very soon. One of the boys invested […]

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I really did not expect the after-Christmas-consumer-hangover to find this quickly. The brand-new year has simply begun and I'm currently obtaining phone calls from all type of irresponsible individuals that overstated their financial capabilities. This young car laundry driver had a couple of debts but he desired a new phone. So he took another funding. It was Christmas besides. I […]

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They day began customarily. I went through the mails and phone calls and also pick the most encouraging clients by age and also voice. When I pertained to the very first appointment the guy was kinda eye-catching. Blonde, a bit shy– a skater kind. He cohabited with a room-mate in a refurbished pannel-house. The house was quite vacant and uncomfortable. […]

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I will never ever get made use of to those communist buildings in the outskirts of Prague. It needs to really not be uproarious to reside in such a depressive surrounding. But no doubt– it's fairly economical to live there. Particularly if you have financial obligations. Like the man I visited today. He was birthed in Slovakia and moved to […]

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Young guys today often don't have good manners. What's the factor in making a visit when you involve that location and also nobody is there. That occurred to me this time. Then he was also pissed regarding the web cam and told me to switch it off at the very least till we remain in his house. Well, on the […]

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Today I had an intriguing telephone call. An evidently young man was on the phone informing me that he had problems with a bank and a phone company. Thus far absolutely nothing new. But he had not been as obedient as clients usually get on the phone. So I decided to check him out. He was living rather far from […]

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Yesterday I checked out once more the suburban areas of Prague. A young customer with a migrational background called me that he had significant financial concerns. As his voice sounded really young and cute I prepared in order to help him even with a greater quantity. When I arrived my mood changed as he was residing in the top-floor as […]

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